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The Catholic Church is the largest Christian denomination in the United States, accounting for about 25 percent of the country’s population.  The Church continues to grow and many people have chosen to convert to Catholicism.  The Church is a vibrant, active community of believers which continues to have a positive influence on the lives of many people.  


However, there are people who for one reason or another have stopped actively participating in the Church and attending Mass.  We live in a busy culture and society.  There are many demands that are placed on us.  Yet people are searching for a deeper sense of meaning, for a closer relationship with God, and for a more authentic spiritual identity.


Since the Church is a family, especially here at St. Richard, we miss those Catholics who may have left the Church or who have stopped participating in our liturgy and sacramental life.  Perhaps you or someone you know are in this situation and do not know how to come back or how to become active again.  The first thing you need to know is that you are always welcome back.  The Church misses you and hopes that you will choose to come home as an active member.


Catholics Come Home is a non-profit, independent charity whose purpose is to invite inactive Catholics, and others searching for a faith home, to the Catholic faith.  Their informative and interactive website helps to answer questions about Church teachings and gives an overview of the Catholic faith.  Some of its founders and supporters recently returned to the Catholic faith and want to share their positive experiences with others. Many never left the Church, but recently grew to understand and appreciate their Catholic faith more deeply. All feel part of a big Catholic family, who sincerely hope others will also find more peace, real answers, and true happiness through the gift of faith.


Please feel free to explore any questions you may have about the Catholic Church or how you can return to an active participation in St. Richard by visiting the Catholics Come Home website, or by calling Fr. Bruce and arranging a meeting.


Visit this link for valuable resources and personal witness testimonies about living a committed Christian life:

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