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St. Richard Parish, Danvers MA

Letter From The Pastor

November 19, 2020

Dear Parish Family,

As we head into the Season of Advent, and then Christmas, these most Holy Days in our faith, we remember what we are taught about how to live our lives. We live our lives as People of God, anticipating His coming into our lives in miraculous ways to make our lives infinitely better.


Right now, life just does not seem like it’s full of hope and promise. We are told that Covid 19 cases are on the rise now in every state, and the average new case count every day is approaching two hundred thousand. The death toll is rising alarmingly yet again. Our own Governor Baker has said: “This is real, and the more people do to take care of the business of fighting Covid, the more likely we are as a Commonwealth to weather what is obviously a significant growth in cases, hospitalizations, and all of the calamity that comes with that.”


In the Catholic Community of St. Richard, your family’s health, safety, and Spiritual well-being are Sacred to us. Although our Church is open for Mass on the weekend, seating is obviously limited because of the new guidelines from the Archdiocese and government. For most, it is best to stay home and watch Mass on TV, either through streaming of our own Mass or watching the Catholic channel. Our offices are presently open from 10am till 2pm to be of service to you. Confessions are being heard, and baptisms are happening on a regular basis individually. Our Religious Education Program has gotten up and running and serving our children and parents in their concern with teaching the faith. Many other parish ministries and programs are either necessarily suspended, or have been modified to ensure they continue in parish life.


If you go to our website you easily find that there are any number of high quality resources to bring you to enrichment in prayer, reflection, and a deepening of faith.


Our Sunday collection is down somewhere around forty-five percent, due to the limited attendance.


In summary, we have had to adapt, change, get creative, go deeper in our commitment to God and His Church during these most difficult times. While all of this is happening until Covid is conquered and we can find a new normal. Things need to go on here at the parish. The Bills continue to come in. Insurances are coming due, the heating season is upon us, and these are just a few among many other expenses we are facing.


We are in the midst of the Grand Annual Collection, and I am most grateful for those who are helping in that collection, but now I know that will not be enough to meet our needs. If you can somehow see yourself able to do more, it is most needed and welcomed. Please make that effort and donate to our Major Gift Initiative Program, and help us survive and hopefully flourish.

 Sincerely, Fr. Bruce Flannagan,

St. Richard Parish, Danvers MA