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Letter From The Pastor

The Lord Is Risen, It Is True


The Universal message of the Catholic Christian Church is that Jesus is True God and True Human. The message is that God took upon Himself the human condition in Jesus so that He could offer the perfect sacrifice as human, in order that humanity could be saved, and the relationship between God and Humanity could be restored to a healthy and loving bond, unto Eternity. Humanity alone could never achieve this miracle. God had to intervene and did so in Jesus.


As Lee Strobel in his bestselling book, “A Case For Christ”, points out, there is tremendous reason to believe in the historical Jesus, and in the reality of the Divine Jesus.


He points out clearly that those who deny the existence of God are accepting ideas not sustainable in reason, such as Non-life produces Life, or Non-reason produces Reason, or even Nothing produces Everything. Science and History actually lead in another direction, as do many other studies we all hold dear to us. They lead us to the faith experience that is filled with logic and heartfelt love.


      “The range, variety, depth, and breathtaking persuasive power of the evidence,

        from both science and history, affirmed the credibility of Christianity to the degree

        that my doubts simply washed away.”


The stone-cold silence of the tomb, what seems in the view of the foolish on Good Friday, that Death is the End, is boldly pushed aside on Easter Sunday. The stone of the tomb pushed aside reveals the Empty Tomb, and the Light and Love of the Risen Lord Jesus shines out to all the world.


      “I Am the Resurrection and the Life, says the Lord. The person who believes in me

        shall live even in death and whoever lives and believes in me shall never die.”


As we recite our profession of faith at Mass, this clear expression of who we are and what we believe in motivates us here at St. Richard Parish to be a faith filled Community of Christ, bonded with the whole Church throughout the world, to put into practice what we proclaim. We are called to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and those in prisons of life. We value life from conception through all stages of life, unto eternity.


Take heart from the Easter Message for your journey, no matter where it leads you. Believe and trust in the message. We are a people building on the past, living in the faith moment, and looking to the future promises of our Loving Savior, Jesus, the Lord.


A Blessed Easter and Catholic Christian Life is our prayer for you.
Fr. Bruce Flannagan, Pastor, and all our staff at St. Richard