Parish Office: Notre Dame Center

20 Otis Street

Danvers MA 01923

(978) 978-774-7575

Saturday: 4:30PM

Sunday: 7:30AM; 9:00AM; 11:00AM

Weekday: 8:00AM Monday to Friday

Reconciliation: 4:00PM Saturday & by appt.

Catholic Archdiocese of Boston

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Parish Staff

Rev. Bruce G. Flannagan - Pastor

Edward P. Elibero - Deacon

Victoria Woodley, Lawrence Kucy - Director RCIA, 978-774-7575

Sandra Ciruolo, Religious Education Director Grades 1-10, 978-716-8083

Colleen Newbury,  Religious Education, 978-716-8084

Sharon Thurston - Business Manager 978-774-7575

Brenda Myers - Liturgy/Music Director 978-774-7575

Tania Malone - Administrative Assistant 978-716-8081

Altie Nichols, Secretary/Receptionist 978-774-7575