St. Richard Parish

May God's Grace Be With You

Saturday: 4:30PM

Sunday: 7:30AM; 9:00AM; 11:00AM.

Weekday: 8:00AM Mon-Fri.

Reconciliation: 4:00PM Sat

Welcome To

St. Richard Parish

located in Danvers MA

90 Forest Street

Danvers MA 01923

(978) 978-774-7575

50 years fb

Parish Staff


Rev. Bruce Flannagan



Tania Malone

Administrative Asst.



Sandra Ciruolo

Religious Ed. Director, Gr 1-10



Colleen Newbury

Religious Ed. Youth Director



Brenda Myers

Liturgical Music Director

(978) 500-1726


Victoria Woodley and Larry Kucy

RCIA Directors, 774-7575


Altie Nichols  Secretary/Receptionist, 774-7575

Parish Bulletins

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Did you know...

There are 68.2 million Catholics in the United States (22% of the U.S. population), and 1.07 billion Catholics in the world (17% of the population).


Annual Pancake Breakfast, Sunday Feb. 3rd

2018 Holy Days of Obligation 


- Thursday, May 10 - Ascension of Jesus


- Wednesday, August 15 - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


- Thursday, November 1 - All Saints' Day


- Saturday, December 8 - Feast of the Immaculate Conception


- Tuesday, December 25 - Christmas

Parish Vision & Mission

Love, Peace and Joy!


"Our parish is a community of the People of God joined together by our common faith in Jesus Christ as expressed through our baptismal commitment. While our parish is rooted in a particular locality, we also recognize that we belong to the Archdiocese of Boston and through the Archdiocese to the Universal Church. That is why our parish of St. Richard is called to be the center and source of our faith and it's development, an extended family that is to be marked by a sense of belonging, a desire for participation, a need for commitment and a spirit of WELCOME. We celebrate all of this when we gather at the Eucharistic table of the Lord each Sunday.


As we journey together let us all pray that we will continue to deepen our dedication to and support of the members of the People of God." - Father Bruce


Testimonials of Parishioners of St. Richard Church 


Basically I thought it would be a paper drill. I would fill out some papers, go to some classes and boom, you’re a Catholic. Thankfully, it wound up being a lot more than that. I cant say I’m going out and preaching on the street corners or anything, but it made me examine my life and how Id been living. The Church is now an important part of my life.  

- RCIA Program Participant


St. Richard’s rejuvenates me. Sometimes, work, kids, activities, and schedules can drain my emotionally. Weekly Mass is where I recharge my batteries and reset my priorities. Most weeks, I’m a better person because of St. Richard’s. St. Richard’s has a group of friends who draw me out and make me more whole.

- New Eucharistic Minister and Father of 3 children


I am an Altar Server. This helps me learn about the Mass and become a better person. I enjoy meeting my friends after the 9:00 AM Mass. Going to the Mass makes me feel better after I did something wrong.

- Altar Server 5th Grader


Usually a child comes into a faith community because it’s the tradition of their family. The adults have come consciously searching for something, and ultimately what they want turns out to be a relationship with God; so its a process of self-discovery.

- RCIA Program Leader


Dear Friends,

We at the Haven From Hunger would like to thank you for the generous donation of milk throughout the year for our feeding programs. Your generosity is overwhelming, and we feel very grateful to be the recipient of your thoughtfulness. With welfare reform upon us, we expect a steady increase of families to be looking to us for assistance. Due to your generosity, we have always been able to reach our goal of feeding our clients and their children good nutritional food. We have never turned a family away.

Again than you for your kindness; it makes a real difference to all of us.

- Trudy McIntyre, Exec. Director


Father Bruce,

“Thank you so much for coming to see me in the hospital and for the phone calls. It meant so much to me! The people at St. Richard’s have offered me so much support and I am truly grateful for that. I was not brought up in a religious family and to be honest with have not always been comfortable in the church, but St. Richard’s to feels like my second home and I think you are a big part of that. Thank you again for everything and I thank God for bringing me and my family to St. Richard’s

P.S. Katie says Hi to her “Prayer Mann”


This is a note to thank the Baptismal Team for the lovely cross they came by to give our new son. We look forward to seeing you all at Mass on Sundays.


Most new Catholics have some Christian heritage and are not coming from non-Christian faiths. I went to church, but I didn’t feel like I was part of it, I didn’t know why they did certain things, like blessing themselves when they went in, and I wanted to learn more,” said a wife and mother who grew up in a Congregationalist church but began attending a Catholic church after marrying a Catholic and raising their son Catholic. “Now I understand it more... I feel comfortable, as though this is where I should have been,” she said.


Groundbreaking Ceremony 1965